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The website is about our unique fellowship, who we minister to and how we minister.

Signs Church is an independent local ekklesia (assembly) with a vision – to bring the free gift of grace of Jesus Christ to the deaf communities in South East Queensland.

We exist, by the grace of God to be a simple local assembly of like-faith believers (deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people) who believe in, and share the simple message of complete salvation through faith in Jesus’ finished work on the Cross.

We express our faith in Jesus Christ through open participatory gathering. We fellowship within the cultural and lingual experiences. We believe that every born-again believer is a priest before God therefore everyone of us is graced with spiritual gift/s to minister to each other according to an instruction in 1 Corinthians 14:26.

Our focus is Jesus Christ, not the institution or business. We are guided by a team of experienced Deaf Elders in line with apostolic governance. The ministry of Elders is to graze (feed), guide and guard the flock.

Our first language, Australian Signs Language (Auslan) is the language used in the fellowship. However, we welcome anyone who can sign Auslan and fellow believers who are keen to learn Auslan.

Be free to enquire with us. Click here for contact details.