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Instead of the statement of faith as common to many church websites, we list our prime directives, a list of key guidelines the fellowship lives by. Basically where applicable, we adhere to the Protestant/Pentecostal belief system. They are:

the absoluteness of God’s Word over every life’s circumstances.
the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all.
Christ is fullness of Godhead bodily.
a worshipping lifestyle (the priesthood of every believer).
the new birth through faith in Jesus’ finished work on the Cross.
righteousness by faith
the person and power of the Holy Spirit.
a quality time in fellowship with God the Spirit through prayer and meditation of God’s Word.
walking in the absolute love of God and serving others through God’s love.
faith as a way of life and service.
ekklesia (church) is the community of believers gifted by the Holy Spirit.
regular fellowship of the believers around the headship of Jesus Christ.
grace – God’s ability in time of inability, weakness, need and trials.
salvation by grace, not law, not work, not religious performance, not by own strength.
Jesus Christ fulfilled the whole law in our stead.
Christian living is Christ lives His life through us.
new covenant replaces old covenant in the life of believers.
Jesus became our Sabbath, an eternal rest.
all things became new in Christ.
as He is so are we in the world
We are in the fellowship of the Trinity, the fellowship of oneness.
We give cheerfully and out of abundant of love for God (we don’t tithe according to old covenant).
Roman 14 and I Corinthians 8 are our guide in matters where God’s Word is silent.

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