Our Focus is the Fellowship of Believers.

We believe the fellowship of like-minded believers is a vital part of faith walk, godliness and encouragement. God’s Word shows that we are called into fellowship with the Trinity and with each other. Jesus Christ, true God and true Man is the focus of our lives, therefore our fellowship.

We welcome you to a warm and enjoyable fellowship with Jesus Christ and with each other in brotherly love. We consider everyone who both participates in and commits to our fellowship, a partner. In line with Acts 2:41-47, we gather for the teaching of the Word, prayer, fellowship and breaking of bread (agape feast).  Accordingly, unlike other churches, we do not have membership system.

Click here to read our prime directives. Rather than a denominational statement of faith, we express a simple, pure faith in Jesus and those prime directives are what guide us in lives individually and in the fellowship collectively.

We gather together at our Kraatz Avenue building for believers’ fellowship weekly. As of 12th December 2017, the building is nearing completion (please check Signs Church Facebook for building project status). Please check our calendar for events.

The Governing Council (Elders and Deacons) looks after the business and financial side of the fellowship. Nevertheless, when the decision involves the whole of the fellowship, we bring the matter before the whole fellowship in accordance with Acts 15. We are apostolic in governing with Jesus Christ as our head. Our governing principle is in accordance with biblical instruction of elders, overseer (bishop, Greek episkopos) and shepherd. Their main tasks in the ekklesia are grazing (feeding), guiding and guarding.